For Homeowners

Meadows of Pagehurst is managed by:
3700 National Drive, Suite 201
Raleigh NC 27612
919-790-8000, ext.105

Our Community Association Manager is Amy Johnson.

You can find community documents, or pay your HOA dues, online on the Smartstreet site provided by Sentry Management via PNC Bank. We encourage you to take advantage of this free service.

To register for an account, go to the Sentry Management website, and click on "Associations" in the top-right corner. It will prompt you to enter your account number from your HOA payment stub. You will then be prompted to enter some registration info. At this point, just about the only thing you can do is pay your HOA dues or log out. To see all the features, you have to log out, and log back in to the Streetsmart website (this is the website you'll want to bookmark), and then you will be prompted to "upgrade" your account to "Homeowner" status.

Once you have registered, the following features become available:

  • Online Payments (for HOA dues)
  • Calendar (not currently maintained)
  • Directories (the other homeowners who signed up)
  • Document Center
  • Newsletter (not currently maintained)
  • Your Profile

Smartstreet is purely a private website. None of its features are available unless you are logged in.

Additionally, the calendar on this public website is a Google Calendar, so you can add it to your own Google Calendar. On your personal Google Calendar page, there is a text box directly under "Other Calendars," where it says "Add a friend's calendar". Paste the following address into it:

and hit Enter. Voila! You now have Meadows of Pagehurst events on your calendar.